Sunday, May 16, 2010

February's Beaded Project

And yes, you can clearly see that I am posting this in the month of May. I'll come right out and share that this is actually the completion of a beaded piece I started in the past and got hung up circling the airport while I forged ahead to do other projects. While it is a bit of a cheat, there was a lot left to be completed, and I did feel great revisiting this piece and getting the beaded part completed. A sun image in a field of darkness, for me it works fine for February.

The biggest difference between this piece and ones started more recently is the contents of my stash at the time this was designed was a lot more limited. Most notable is the lack of any beads smaller than size 11. Since I started this piece I have expanded my studio palette quite a bit (though I can never have enough) and have a nice cache of size 15 beads that I love to use for the more intricate detail.

The background cloth is simply the fabric I used to bead this on, I'm not sure what the background will be when I get this prepared for presentation.


  1. It really doesn't matter when you started it ~lol~ I love all the little spirals all through the piece. The bugle basketweave surrounding it is unique.

    I am wondering why you work mostly in black.

  2. It's beautiful! No wonder it took awhile -- this copious amount beading is work-intensive.

  3. It's a gorgeous piece. Can you explain anything about its story or meaning or is that too personal? I think that some pieces need to take a while before they are completed, it's just part of the process.


  4. I really enjoyed seeing this piece. The bead work is exquisite, and I love the free form feel of it.

  5. Beautiful work! Like Carol, I love the the free flowing spirals you worked in there as well as the radiating circles.
    Doesn't it feel great to come back to a project when it's time for it to finish up...I've discovered some times they have their own time frame to finish up.

  6. Its very satisfying to finally finish isn't it and it looks wonderful...