Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April at last!

berries barrette

I have to say, spring was slow in coming here in Southeast Alaska.  Is it fair to blame my late April piece on the weather…perhaps that is a stretch.  I went with an oval shape (which I like_ and a berry theme.  The thing that was new to me with this barrette is that, rather than 100% intuitive creation, I designed and drafted out the berries and leaves before I got to the beading. 


My beaded work now has a home at Juneau Artists Gallery. This is a new step for me and I’m finding it fun, rewarding, a little overwhelming at first  (it is a coop gallery is run by its members.  It is really fun to meet people and work with the other artists, but I’m still on the learning curve.) 

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Barrette




flat barrette

I’m happy to share the latest Barrette for the BPJ 2013.  This is a view of the flat barrette, which I took before I added the hardware.  I was inspired by the arts and crafts era and an image of a flower by William Morris.  I used a filigree flower and some great glass beads.  The background is black with subtle tones that reflect the colors in the flower, which is gold copper and a metallic navy. There is a border that is a metallic Khaki surrounding the barrette. 

Last month’s has been designated as a journal cover, with many thanks to those who took a look at it.  I’m perfectly happy with the serendipity of changing from the original intent. 

The March barrette is smaller and, I think a better shape for wearability. I’m thrilled to be keeping up and have some ideas for the next design already.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

A great month of beading projects.


I have to say, this month has been full of fun, but with an exception or two. For example, I can’t remember having so many glitches and technical problems with my “Day Job”  It is humbling when Murphy’s Law not only visits but does not get up off the couch and go home!  Thanks to my wonderful colleagues and my awesome clients, I’m happy it is now March with (knocking wood) a smoother month ahead. 


For the BJP, I have committed to making beaded hair ornaments, and possibly will make some cuffs some months, at my own whim.  Last year I did Journal Covers (although I did not complete the full 12 yet).  Here I want to share my Piece for February:

Side view

Side view




As you can see, it has some dimension, as I repurposed one of my own beaded Brooches as a focal piece.  I had fun with this and like that it has a loose element that is kind of primitive in some areas.  It is not finished yet but it is close.  But here is the thing:  I don’t think it is a barrette.  now that I am this far, I think this may well be, in fact, a journal cover.  I’d love to know what any viewer thinks about this.  Maybe I will change my mind. It has been fun to work on and I’ll post it in it’s final form when it is completed. 


There is even more to this month that is exciting as well, but I will save this for Part Two…

Thank you for looking at my work, and as always your comments and critiques are so appreciated.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 - Here is to a new year of art and creativity!

BJP for January:
This is  the beadwork  for my January Bead Journal Project while it is still flat – the addition of the backing and the barrette hardware will make the design bend and it will become a little harder to see the entire design in a photograph or scan.  This is a larger sized barrette, for someone with thick hair.  It is intentionally asymmetrical with a garden theme that is true to where what I’m longing for in the middle of the Southeast Alaskan winter.  While I normally gravitate to vintage elements, the little focal flower buttons are contemporary. This piece was executed without a real set plan, and I liked how it ended up with a sort of medieval tapestry feel to it.  It is quite shimmery when it is seen in person.
I’m barely squeezing in with a January post to welcome 2013!  I had a blessed, fun, whirlwind and very busy Christmas and New year.  There is a lot to catch up on.  What I want to talk about today is the Bead Journal Project.  The reason I  originally created this blog was because I participated in the 2010 BJP.  I missed 2011 but was back in the game with 2012.  full disclosure: I still have journal covers to create for 2012!  (We don’t talk about 2010.)  With that said, I can’t overstate how much I enjoy meeting awesome bead artists from all over the world who share and cheer and show their amazing work month after month. I can’t resist and thus here I am again, beading away for 2013.
I decided to make barrettes, or hair ornaments this year.  I like that there is a lot of variety possible in the sizes and design.  I also would like to make cuff bracelets  I’ll do that some  months, just for a change of pace.  Maybe I should just call my projects Beaded adornments.
Happy 2013!  Thank you for visiting.  I appreciate your feedback and welcome your ideas.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Details, Details…



I’m happy to say the Public Market went well.  I had great “neighbors” and saw many friends – and made some new ones too. 

I was very lucky that my friend Daniel dropped by. Daniel is an amazing photographer and poet, and he took some photos of my work.  I know I’ve posted many pins on this blog and it’s easy to get the idea of how they look, but Daniel was able to really get the details.  I’m humbled and thrilled that I can share these images with you.


image 2012-11-27 0002


image 2012-11-27 0003_0002


image 2012-11-27 0002



Wild brooch


image 2012-11-27 0002


in hand


All photos this post by Daniel Kantak

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So Thankful…



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I am so grateful for so much, not the least being having this day of reflection.  What a wonder that we have a national day of gratitude!  I’m very grateful that I have this last day to create and  prepare for the market.  I’m so looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones, and being inspired by the amazing things that are here in Juneau or a magical weekend.

My family, my cozy home, friends, and the beauty that surrounds.  Have a wonderful and reflective day.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A few more previews:

Trio of Primitive brooches.  Some of my favorites. 

A sweet Bird brooch with MOP and pearl accents