Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Hair Ornament in Progress

As most beaded pieces do, this has had a mind of its own and it got more detailed than I expected, so here you see - it is not completed yet. A few weeks (months?) ago someone asked me about my "process" and I guess I should address that, but the real truth is I start out with an element I like and then it is intuitive from there. I started out with the vintage jet button that is at the center of this (future) hair ornament. I couldn't find fabric that I liked for a background so I collaged a number of black and metallic fabrics together for a background that I thought would set it off. Then what? It really is not planned.

I started beading the border around the button, which was built up out of a couple of extra layers of felt. The felt actually was there so I could bury the shank of the button. Once I started beading the thicker felt border, I found myself wanting more texture and so you can see a variety of beading textures circling the focus. that I find myself liking it more the further I get in the process. (I have yet to create any of these and not feel like it is a disaster at some point along the way.)

I love feedback! More specifically, ask me something! I visit blogs that are newsy, with contests and tutorials and delightful side trips into the studios and lives of the artists who write them. I'm still calling myself a beginner in blog-land. Let's see what happens in the evolution of this piece. I'm as curious as you are about how it is going to turn out.

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  1. WOW. This is looking WONDERFUL...I'd say "YAY" for intuition, this is so rich with texture and shades of black!