Monday, November 28, 2011

On to the next…

The last day of the market was just as fun as the previous two days.  I think this is the best Sunday ever, just lots of fun people hanging out at the market, doing some shopping, visiting, checking out the wares at the Public Market and the Annex at the JACC.  Thanks to all who came to check out my booth.

What I bring home is a lengthy list, the next to-dos for whatever is going to be next.  For starters I need to create some new pins and a new display for the JACC before First Friday, coming up.  I’m working on a book that I’d like to complete before the holidays.  I have an application to prepare for.  It seems that  the conclusion of the Market is more a beginning than an ending.

I  also brought home some treasures…

I was thrilled to do a trade from my “booth neighbors“  Fog and Fern, a local duo of very talented women who offer jewelry and photography that has a rustic, vintage vibe but with a bold scale and a fresh arrangement of color progression and shapes.  I came home with this lovely necklace:




I made some purchases from Odie, who brought a selection of beads from her shop all the way from Soldotna:


These are all glass.  I love their vintage feel and the bold cuts on the larger beads.

#6 sized seed beads are indispensible in the creation of my pins –I really like to have a lot of choices in color and finish.   Odie had a great selection of colors, so I added to my stash:



A friend has suggested that I post a “pin a day”  - I like the idea.

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