Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pin Season 2011


If a year has seasons and rhythms, the last few have been the weeks leading up to Juneau’s annual Public Market and  Public Market Annex, a 3-day event that happens right after Thanksgiving.  This 2011 Market will be my fourth year with a booth at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center,.

Myfirst pins were conceived 2008, the first year I ventured to have a booth.  They were far less developed and much less varied than what they have become.  I was offering earrings and some bracelets and necklaces, as well as some beaded pins of a different design.  At pretty much the last minute I created the first pins built around the metal frame of a covered button form.  They have been evolving ever since.

If there is a spectrum from art to craft, fine art jewelry to gum-machine trinkets, my approach to my beaded mixed media pins (as well as hair ornaments and earrings featuring handmade elements combined with traditional beads)  the basic form is a canvas and each individual piece is a unique piece of art. 

I got a late start this year, with a very busy late summer and early fall.  I was out of town for almost the entire month of September.  It took me a little bit to get myself in the mode, but I’m now in that blissful stride, taking the pieces to the next level with new elements such as paint, different styles of beaded embellishments, and fibers.   I’m working on developing a different size – I’m in the middle of the “prototype” right now and am not quite ready to share…  But I’m excited to see the compositions in a smaller presentation.  I’m changing up my displays and am just having the best time !

More play ahead…

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