Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Begins.

Here it is, 2012.   It is actually the third day of 2012, but it feels like the first time because it is the first day my normal routine is possible.  Holidays are now a pleasant memory.  The beginning of a calendar year is a touchstone for a new beginning. A refresh point. It’s a bit expected to look forward with a mind set on improving or surpassing one’s former self. 


Studio shot

Here is what I’m excited about for 2012: 

I’m very happy to be participating in the 2012 Bead Journal Project. As I mentioned before, I joined in 2010. In fact, I started this blog at the time I signed up in 2010 to give myself a way to share what I was doing. Learning about having a blog was just one of the things that came of the experience. I did not complete the entire year, for reasons I’ll leave for another time,  but loved meeting fellow bead artists (some of whom I’m still following), inspiration and just that forward movement.

Participants choose a size and shape as a format and commit to making one piece per month.  My choice is to work with the round format  like my pins…only larger.  The finished pieces will be too large for pins (I believe) but I will use them on handmade book covers, frame them or…I don’t know yet. 

Check JBP Blog for the project to see what other participants are saying and doing.

For myself, I don’t think I will do the same project every month.  I want to use the challenge to create those little unformed artistic pieces that live in my mind and that other projects and commitments thwart.  I have some ideas that need to be realized and this is how I intend to start my challenges. 

I’m going to do another thing that may seem unusual:  I am going to start a  year-long large beaded project that will be in the tradition of a calendar or diary.  Very simply I will draw out a grid and work at  most daily and at least weekly on this piece.  I will draw from the day for the color choices.  For example I might do something figurative, let’s say a flower, on a day of gardening or something like that.  or, a square may be completely abstract.  I’ll have other elements besides beads, as I love to add mixed media elements to my bead work.  I’ll share from time to time here on my blog.

I’m looking forward to meeting (and re-meeting) the other participants of the Project !


  1. Your project ideas sounds so fun! I can't wait to see them play out! SMILE! I am a newbie but excited to be on the BJP adventure! Happy beading!

  2. That's one awesome kinda shelf you've got going there...