Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Details, Details…



I’m happy to say the Public Market went well.  I had great “neighbors” and saw many friends – and made some new ones too. 

I was very lucky that my friend Daniel dropped by. Daniel is an amazing photographer and poet, and he took some photos of my work.  I know I’ve posted many pins on this blog and it’s easy to get the idea of how they look, but Daniel was able to really get the details.  I’m humbled and thrilled that I can share these images with you.


image 2012-11-27 0002


image 2012-11-27 0003_0002


image 2012-11-27 0002



Wild brooch


image 2012-11-27 0002


in hand


All photos this post by Daniel Kantak


  1. Well, I've had my dose of inspiration for the day! Your pieces are always amazing and the details Daniel brought out in his photography are breathtaking. My favorite (and it's hard to choose!) is the blue one with the heart focal.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! Knowing the high quality of your work and blog, I'm very appreciative, ♥ ~b