Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Book: A Winter Sky

I was very fortunate to learn the bookbinding techniques of DJ Pettitt, (who happens to be a high school classmate!) It was great to see DJ after too many years and see all she has accomplished in her art. In truth, learning to make books was the perfect synergy of all I have been doing lately, which is collage, beading, bead embroidery, collection of ephemera, calligraphy, abstract and representational drawings sewing, hoarding found objects, and mixing my media. What better way to stir the collected interests than a book? This book above is my second book, and it is quite small. It has beading detail so I'm counting it as my April Submission for the beaded art project 2010. I also have two more begun and I'll be completing these in the coming weeks. The most ambitious one will have my January winter piece as a cover focal point and will be a much larger book.

I've linked to DJ's web site and I can't endorse her artistry enough.


  1. Very, very pretty and sweet book. I love that it's quite small.

  2. Beth,
    Very cool book cover! What are the dimensions so I will have a better idea of this great piece.

  3. Hi Debi -

    The actual cover is only 3 x 3.5, so it is really quite small. When you add the threads and dangling embelessments, it is closer to 4 x 5.

  4. This book crys to be handled, fondled, turned over and over again in my hands... how I wish I could. It's lovely, Beth!!!