Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Colorful Assignment

Check out these fantastic beads! They are from Mali. I've been asked by their owner to create necklaces for her. As you can see some of the beads are loose already, and some are strung on leather. She is a very small woman and she felt the necklace hung too low and was overwhelming on her. I have the dream commission, to play with her beads and create new pieces for her!

These beads are vivid and graphic, I love them! They are rough glass and so of course any findings and additions I draw from need to fit. I'm going to start with hammered copper which I think will be incredible with the pinks and greens. I'm also mentally designing a double or triple strand necklace with additional beads of metal and crystal. But the real point is, I have been looking at and fondling these beads long enough and it is time to start designing!

I've worked very little with world beads. This will be an adventure!


  1. Oooo, I love these beads, I always sit with beads on the table that are for future projects, gazing and thinking, have fun! Kate

  2. Thanks Kate, from a fellow Alaskan! I checked your blog, love your work!

  3. Lovely stuff, by the way I wear beads. Oh, I need to work on subtle. Nicely displayed.