Friday, December 31, 2010

Requisite End-of-Year Musings...

Happy 2011! 

It is the last day of the year, and also the end of my first year of (admittedly sporadic) blogging. It’s a classic time to reflect on the past year and speculate or declare intentions for the year to come.  I know I do have some readers and I know also that the act of writing out my thoughts can focus me in many wonderful ways, so here goes:

I started this blog when I joined the 2010 Bead Journal Project.  This project is a cooperative with bead artists at all levels who commit to creating a beaded project every month.  The support and encouragement, not to mention the endless inspiration from this group cannot be overstated.  Signing up was one of the best things I’ve ever done, even if my blog entries have been less than regular.  I started with my January piece, moved on to February, when something happened and my direction sent sideways.  I stopped meeting the monthly goals, but instead expanded on my own visions instead, although I still interacted with the group.  I debated signing on for 2011 and in the end decided to go forward with my own beaded, collage, drawing and – soon to be revived after a looong break – watercolor.  Through serendipitous connections, some from my past, some from right under my own roof, writing, as in fiction, as in poetry, as in telling stories, is also on my giant mental want to do/get to do list, as well.  God knows I could post blog entries more often and share what I am doing!   

The Public Market (Annex) went very well.  I came close to doubling my sales from 2009 and had many gratifying moments.  Here are some of my favorites:

A woman who walked past, saw me and came over and pulled her jacket aside to reveal she was wearing her brooch she had gotten from me in 2009.

Two women who bought my work in 2009 who made a point to find me at the market and purchase a 2010 piece. 

Sharing my art books, the two fully completed and one in progress, with kindred and interested people, who offered very encouraging feedback, advice and inspiration, including encouragement toward a show in the coming year.

A Russian man who came in at almost the very last moment on the very last day.  I had started packing up, but he was so intrigued and lovely about it I did not mind getting the work back out.  At 3 minutes until closing he purchased a pin for one of his daughters and a hair ornament for the other.  On his way out he said “You should be very proud.”  What a generous heart, what a feeling to be so honored at the end of the three days I spent interacting with people at the market..

I have until July to decide whether to be in the Market next year and to decide if I want to continue at the Annex or perhaps make the move to Centennial Hall with the big kids.  In the meantime, here are my thoughts for the New Year.

  1. Keep producing in the spirit of collections.  I’m going to make a collection of Art Brooches for late winter/Valentine’s Day in an all-new colorway incorporating antique laces and metallic fibers and threads.  I will share as I create here on my blog, and will offer them by the end of January.  In Juneau I have pins at the JACC (currently!)  and will add some there and will (finally) open an Etsy store so they are easy to purchase from out of town.
  2. Art Books.  I have one ready to bind, one started and approaching time for assembly, and two more in line behind them.  I’ll be sharing.  
  3. Be a better blogger.  My entries are usually more about sharing images than doing a lot of writing.  It is fun to share the process and you will see more of that.  People ask me for tutorials, and I have to say right now I’m not qui i i te there yet.  I do plan to pursue the teaching-classes idea here locally, and I’ll share here about that as it (if it ) unfolds. 
I saw a blog by an artist I admire who had a feature called “Wordless Wednesday:  I like it, and I intend to follow in the spirit of tribute but to start a sense of structure while I get this whole blog thing figured out.  I’ll post something about what I am doing, or just take a photo or photos of something I find interesting, or perhaps put up something from someone else, - Something fun to look at, no text.  Remember, the photos in this blog enlarge if you click on them! 

Goodbye 2010!  

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  1. Your thoughts on blogging are interesting. I've only been at it a little over a year and also wonder how to make it more, more something... Happy New Year! Kate