Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Ready!

Sleep?  Who needs sleep?  I grabbed the camera a few times while I was pulling things together last night:

This is the view from my studio, from where I sit at my computer.  
It's pretty sweet to note the lovely changes through the seasons.

Crafting the handmade beads for my earrings.  You can see some beads in production on the left.
I'm painting Tyvek to cut up and embellish with.

A pair of earring-beads in process.  This pair was completed, made ingo a pair of earrings
and is ready for the market!

Updated Artist Information

Attaching the pins to cards tooksome time but it really is satisfying to see them all ready for an audience. 

I've made it a trademark to use playing cards for earring display.  
I found these vintage gems in my favorite treasure store in Multnomah.

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  1. and very nice they look too Beth, best wishes for Christmas and 2011