Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simple necklace with Mali Beads



image 2011-1-29 0001_0001

After breaking for the holidays ( yes and beyond the holidays ) I’m back to working with the beads from Mali.  I am making several necklaces for the owner of the Mali beads, and there will be several that will be a variation of the necklace above:  Simple annealed black steel and accents from my bead stash.  Very, very simple which i think suits these modest beads, which are made from recycled glass.  Many of them have a very “rough” texture and all of them have small imperfections that add to their world charm.  Next up is a similar necklace without the accent beads, and there are 3 more designs to follow.


 image 2011-1-29 0003_0002

Second necklace with all Mali beads and smaller links can be paired with the smaller one, or either one can be worn separately.

image 2011-1-30 0004

Here is another arrangement that is more of a focal pendant idea.  I am thinking I’ll use some kind of cord or ribbon attached to the links at the top…at least that is what I am thinking at the moment.  I also want to darken the copper so it is not so bright.


image 2011-1-30 0002

I went off on another direction after I found some glass squares and started playing around with them.

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