Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Earring Week



I’m making handmade beads this week and creating earrings for the Farmer’s market.  The photo shows what I have gotten done so far.  The Farmer’s Market will be at the JACC (here in Juneau) on Sunday from 12 to 3 or beyond.  I’ll be posting more earrings as I make them.

I don’t usually focus on earrings as much as my art brooches, art books and necklaces.  I love to make them but there are so many great earrings out there.  On the other hand I love the unique look of the handmade beads crafted from vintage papers, fabrics, threads, inks, maps, embossing, among just about anything else that catches my eye.  Plus I just LOVE to make them – the beads first and then the earrings.  I love how some of them look like little amulets or rolled up messages.  Some of the pairs are asymmetrical in design, which is a charming trend that works great here.

A lot of people are drawn by things made with ephemera.  I wonder if we sense that the future will change the presence of everyday “stuff” as we move more and more into the digital age.  An old weathered receipt can be a touchstone of a memory, or suggest one.  I hope to evoke that feeling with these beads.

My goal is to get a lot of earrings created before Sunday and keep them affordable.  The ear wires are all sterling silver, but I’m using more modest metals for construction. The handmade beads are also quite durable, as they are well varnished and are water resistant.  I wouldn’t recommend immersing them or accidentally running them through the wash, but they are very sturdy.  There are several steps involved in creating the beads, and thus there is a lot of time invested in each pair or earrings.

I will feature earrings at half price at the Market.  I have it in the back of my mind to make July Earrings an annual event if I get a good response.  Just think: 

One of a kind earrings, no two exactly alike.

Hand-crafted wearable art

Sterling silver ear wires

11 bucks.

I hope to see decorated ears and smiles on Sunday.

I’ve got a lot more to make,  - your comments are appreciated!  Let me know what you like!


  1. These are FAB, Beth! I especially like the ones where the beads are mismatched a bit (have a penchant for pairs not being alike). Hope you sell heaps! Since I can't be there, would there be another way for me to purchase a pair? Earrings are (almost) the only jewelry I wear and I don't own any at all made from handmade beads...

    Happy selling!

  2. You are so kind! Yes, I will send to friends out of town. I plan to set up an Etsy or similar set up soon, but until that point just email me at and we can figure it out. I'll be making more and will put them up here on the blog (probably more tomorrow than today)so you might want to check those too. ♥