Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transitions Part Three–Getting to Now (or, “Cosmic Tarzan Vine” Syndrome)


Possibly you are wondering, what is the point of all this recounting of these years?  .  When will she show some more beading or books or maybe a watercolor or something?  When you think about it, it is certainly not the most interesting thing about a person…  Their employment?  Yawn?  Well maybe not if you are a movie star or a lion tamer or are truly making a living from something you feel passionate about.  Getting paid a downright embarrassing salary, will that would add to the interest level a bit,but after all it is what those riches can DO that would actually make it compelling, right?  Money just sitting there, well, that is just potential experiences and possessions.  Okay.
My point is to outline that, like so many creative people, I’ve had (or have thought I had) to pursue “something steady”  in order to pay the bills, eat and exist in life.  I have always thought of it as the “Cosmic Tarzan Vine” syndrome – in that when you are swinging through the trees in the jungle of life, you can’t very well let go of one vine until you have a firm grip on the next one, or you will wind up falling on your ass on the jungle floor.  Probably awakening a menacing cobra or attracting wild hyenas or something.
My primary transcription client increased their  volume over time, but has not been open to adjusting their deadline accordingly.  In terms of the Bottom Line, this was great.  Oh Payday how I love you.!  But, I was working an insane amount and was unable to pull my hands off of the safe vine at all.  Cutting to the present, I now have 3 different people helping me.  Two of them are young moms whom I have set up in their own small businesses, and I share some of the work from my client with them.  Oh Payday how you have changed!
Once this was all in place, I immediately panicked and applied for a job.  It was in an alternative medical clinic working for a very nice local practitioner, actually my neighbor.  The interveiw went well, in fact it felt like talking with an old friend more than an interview.  I learned later that the job was to be offered to me.  But before that I “woke up” and realized that I was panicking.  That I should hold my cards now at cutting my work load in half and see what can be done with the open time and doing my art.  I’m really loving having more time in my studio and for other things I love to do.  I won’t kid you, bill-paying time is a little fraught now.  We are refinancing the house and I’m in full opportunity-seeking-combined with creative frugality mode. And, here and there, I sell a pink a pair of earrings, etc.
This is hardly a unique story in the world and heart of creative people who are not on the Heavy Hitters artist lists.  One thing I do know is that it is the process of creation that is the sacred experience, and I do not want to give up a tiny moment of my very own time right now.  I also believe the universe is rooting for me and I have lovely creating experiences ahead.
If you are an artist who has stumbled here to my blog, I’d love to hear how you balance the economies of time and the discipline of doing your work! 
On that note, I have some bead sets to make today so I’ll be off. 

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