Sunday, January 29, 2012

January BPJ, Redux

january project in progress
So, I was somewhat pleased with myself for finishing the January JBP piece pretty early.  When I posted it a few weeks ago all that was left was to figure out how to finish it.  I  got a 4”x4 stretched canvas which I thought would be perfect.  The size seemed just right.  I found some amazing fabric in my stash to make a background, with the perfect colors.  I put the thing together and…hated it.
It looked totally Grandma-ish.  Not in the cool-vintage way,but the “located just between the Ben-Gay and the Polident” way.  There was no way to add to it or subtract from it to make it any better so I tore it apart.
My other choice had been to put it on a journal cover.I  Below is a detail of what I have done with it so far:

I added more to the piece to start – more detail on the left (added some navy colored freshwater pearls, and some more modern colored beads and some bugles placed much less precisely so it didn’t seem so serious and dusty.
I used layers of various fabrics, Rayon overdyed ribbons, painted Tyvek, beads, Nymo and mettalic threads.  The round beaded BPJ piece is a little heavy so I will shore up the cover with some kind of board.  I’m liking it better  and am looking forward to figuring out the book pages.  I’m sure it will keep changing for a while.
Now I need to decide what the BPJ is going to mean for me from here out.  Am I making the round pieces and finding a display application for each one, or am I Making a beaded focal design for books and they can all differ depending on the size of the book, etc.? 
...And I now have 12 4 x 4 canvases that I can play with!


  1. This is looking great. I like your plan B.

  2. I always love posts that talk about failures more than successes - they are so important, I think. Beth, this is such inspired problem solving! I had a good chuckle reading this because I too, have tried that stretched canvas routine...and I failed miserably...hated it, just like I have 12 8 X 8's that, well, who knows??? Maybe we should join them all together for a failed endeavor PaHtEE?!?!?!

    One of the greatest things about the BJP is that there are no boundaries to where you can go. It might feel like a bobsled ride right now, but come summer, oooh, maybe smooth sailing or surfing at the crest of the wave? Best to you. Bead on.

  3. I agree that we need to be able to edit and revise our beading, even those of us who do improvisational beading should be able to do that. I like the beads you added to the side.
    Marty S--Grandma without Ben-Gay or Polident!
    Crackpot Beader

  4. I'm sorry that your original idea didn't work out, but I'm really proud of you for pushing through and finding something that will!! Plan B is often better than Plan A anyway :-)

  5. Few things in this world please me more than layers of fabrics and other fibers, hand made journals/books, and mixed bead/thread stitching... You've got them all here, Beth! HUGE KUDOS!!!! Hope you'll show a picture of how it looks finished. Whatever you decide about the year, I think your phrase "going to mean" is the crux of it all. I'm just smiling and waiting for it to be revealed!

  6. Your definitions of grandma-ish really made me laugh. I had to go answer the phone and was still chuckling when I came back to the computer. I do like where it is going.
    Kay A.