Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Markmaking Monday (couple of days late…)


One thing that is urged in Art From Intuition is to use cheap paper or whatever paper you have lying around.  You will be more free in your experimentation if you aren’t worried about expensive materials.  It is about playing around and finding your way.  The above is the back of a drawing from the distant past that I was not happy with. It is, in fact very nice cold pressed thick watercolor paper. I played with paints and water-soluble crayons and did enjoy the good quality that just also happened to be a “throwaway scrap.”
(While it is not at all subjective, I came to see this as a piece about the 99% and Occupy Wall Street. )
Below I found some nice watercolor paper strips that remained after I tore the original sheets  into pieces for journal pages.  It was super fun to make designs on the strips and I actually like how they look together.

I’ll continue to use modest, even recycled papers, but I have to admit, I’m going to also use the good stuff whenever I can.  I’m off to look for more bits of good paper, and no scrap is too small!

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