Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Book Cover with Car

Yes, for March – Between travel, company, gardens, an insatiable hunger to take a break and read and…well probably a few other factors as well, I’ve been living and loving a respite from posting.  I’m renewed.  It’s one of the rainiest winters in recent memory, so I should be caught up in no time.

My BJP is to create journal covers.  This is a real departure from the first two, which were more detailed and larger in size – and also huge time commitments.  This is a smaller size, around 4 x 2.5 inches.  The ground is a handmade fabric quilted collage inspired by Teesha Moore’s fabric collage techniques.  The focal point is an old toy hot rod.  there is another quilted piece for the back cover – I have yet to create the spine and bind it. 

It is fun, and quite freeing, to work in a much less precise way.  It gives room for more ideas to percolate.  The next piece, April, will be in the same size format, and a different beading approach.

As always I appreciate your thoughts, comments and suggestions. 


  1. Beth, it's beautiful. Your little journals are amazing. Shall I give you my address so you can send me one and clean up all that clutter? LOL

  2. Fabulous, Beth!!! I love imprecision and the "just do it" look... This journal cover just sings with joy and life! WOW!