Monday, April 1, 2013

March Barrette




flat barrette

I’m happy to share the latest Barrette for the BPJ 2013.  This is a view of the flat barrette, which I took before I added the hardware.  I was inspired by the arts and crafts era and an image of a flower by William Morris.  I used a filigree flower and some great glass beads.  The background is black with subtle tones that reflect the colors in the flower, which is gold copper and a metallic navy. There is a border that is a metallic Khaki surrounding the barrette. 

Last month’s has been designated as a journal cover, with many thanks to those who took a look at it.  I’m perfectly happy with the serendipity of changing from the original intent. 

The March barrette is smaller and, I think a better shape for wearability. I’m thrilled to be keeping up and have some ideas for the next design already.  


  1. Very William Morris! Love the design, Beth :-)

  2. Someone will certainly be happy to wear this lovely piece!