Tuesday, May 28, 2013

April at last!

berries barrette

I have to say, spring was slow in coming here in Southeast Alaska.  Is it fair to blame my late April piece on the weather…perhaps that is a stretch.  I went with an oval shape (which I like_ and a berry theme.  The thing that was new to me with this barrette is that, rather than 100% intuitive creation, I designed and drafted out the berries and leaves before I got to the beading. 


My beaded work now has a home at Juneau Artists Gallery. This is a new step for me and I’m finding it fun, rewarding, a little overwhelming at first  (it is a coop gallery is run by its members.  It is really fun to meet people and work with the other artists, but I’m still on the learning curve.) 


  1. Your work is beautiful Beth, and I see great success in your new adventure!!

  2. This is just beautiful, Beth! I think this is my favorite so far...love the berries :-)

  3. What a lovely piece, it deserves to be in a gallery.