Monday, February 27, 2012

February BPJ Completed!

BPJ for February

I was almost positive that I would be L-A-T-E with this one, but thanks to some unexpected studio time this last weekend I’ve completed my journal cover for February.  Some may remember that I was going to create larger pieces in the round format – but that I had to punt for January’s because I was not super happy with the result and presentation. 
It turned out to be a fortuitous discovery.  I’m really happy to be making the covers for the BPJ.  How fun it will be to express a year in journals. 
This cover is much less precise than January’s.  It has a completely different feel.  .  It seemed like red would be great for February, with a yearning winter sky. 
This cover is smaller than the other one.  I have not one clue what March’s cover will be like.  It will come to me.
This is made with silk, beads, some fused fabric I made with fibers, Rayon ribbons, painted Tyvek,f vintage lace, even a tiny light bulb.  Can you find it?


  1. Beth, this just takes my breath away! You've created a fabulous piece. What a delight this would be to hold at the end of the day as you record your innermost thoughts! (Found the lightbulb!)

  2. Beth, I just LOVE it! The wonky buildings are the best...they really make me smile :-)

  3. Beth, it's really beautiful. I love the deep colour contrasting with the white of the snow.

  4. This is great! I, too, like the combination of the snow with the red buildings. Making the journal covers is a wonderful idea.

    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  5. Oh, Beth, this cover is sooooooooooooo special! I'm not a great fan of winter, but this totally appeals to me! How did you make the snow?

    Do you realize what this does to my fingers? The just quiver and ache like crazy for a chance to touch, stroke, explore, and delight in the textures of this piece. Bravo!

    Robin A.

    1. Thank you so much! I learned how to bead-embroider from your book so your kind words feel amazing to me! To make the snow, I put down a swath of vintage lace. to cover had some white jasper that I used to tack it on with and to fill in some of the larger holes in the lace, to make it less obviously lace- then some silver (glass) 15/0 beads so it sparkles.


  6. Oh my heavens, Beth! I am in love! Your cover is just amazing! I love the snow! So pretty with your houses! I really wish I could sew! LOL!

  7. Popping over early this morning...This is just delightful! You are so stinkin talented! I'm looking forward to learning from you and can't wait to see what March will look like! The snow is spectacular!