Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pins in progress….

I’ve been busy making my beaded mixed media pins and contemplating my February idea for the BPJ.  I thought I would share the pins I’ve made since the first of the year: 

pins in progress

I like how they look on my painting surface.  After a few more are completed I will look for a gallery and see if I can’t make my pins more of a year-round thing.  I just love to make them.  Each one takes from three to five hours to create, I’m happy when I can get some time for them every day.

As for the BPJ, I’ve decided that each month will be a book (journal) cover.  They will all be different.  I will not necessarily  use the #100 larger button blank as I originally planned – only if I want to.  12 unique covers in a year in a variety of sizes and moods and moods.  February is under way, but I’m not quite ready to share.


  1. Have you thought about an Etsy shop? These are really much do you sell them for? I might be interested :)

    1. Thanks so much Libby!! I have thouht of it and will get there eventually. There is a lot of photographing, packing and mailing that right now would be hard to be commit to. I'm making pins currently to get into a local gallery with them, that is the hope! The pins are $40. Each one is unique.♥

  2. Beth
    I love your pins. Do you have them on a pin clasp or a tie tack. What size are they. Do you use resin in then as they look stunning. Hope you are selling them.
    Diane, new Zealand