Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet Sweet Swag

image 2012-8-24 0001
The above is a scan of just a partial sampling of the treasure I found today at one of my favorite charity stores.   My favorite is the woven ribbon with the red letters on it.It has the ornate Germanic looking “M” and the capital “B”; there are also some “K” in the same size and style of the B. I wonder if the letters are for personalizing something, like monogramming or labeling shirts. A large trove of fastening devices – cards of pins, hooks and eyes in different sizes, including some so tiny I can’t imagine how adult fingers would be able to open and close them; a Bakelite-looking notion that looks like both a clasp and a button at once. A generous handful of black shirt buttons.  Other various snaps and closures from a distant era.  Also in the photo is never-used large stamp of vintage music from the Stampin’ UP company – well known to me for high quality stamping and mixed media supplies. A most excellent score.

Every so often I just get the urge to go see what has been added for sale at this particular place.  It seems like if I just drop by when I am in the area, I never find anything.  If I get that urge to go, I’ve gotten my best finds.  Ive learned to listen when I get that feeling.

I’ve been out of town for the last two weekends, first in Anchorage to see friends, then in Portland for my beautiful daughter’s college graduation.  I came home with beads and treasure from both trips.  I’m relishing a some “home time” to actually get some fun done in the studio.
What is treasure to you?  What was your latest acquisition?


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in both places. Good for you. Love your "find".