Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pin Season 2012



pins pins pins

It’s getting to be the time of year when I go into Major Beading Mode with my signature mixed media beaded brooches. I will be at the Juneau Public Market once again. I’ve made a change this year and will be in the actual Public Market instead of the annex. I love the Annex which is at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. I just wanted to take having a space in Centennial hall a shot and see what the difference might be.

Here are a few of the pins I have ready to go. I’ll be making many more so there will be a lot of variety to show.

When one thinks of a pin or brooch, the category seems to be jewelry. The funny thing is, I don’t really think of these creations as jewelry. Each one is an individual tiny piece of art you can wear.

Each pin is absolutely unique. There are no less than 10 steps that I take to create a single pin – and depending on what elements are used, there can be more than that. Most simply, my pins are a small piece of mixed media art. Beading is the main focus, but fabrics are both my inspiration and an integral element of the construction. In addition to beading I use buttons, found objects, deconstructed old jewelry, fibers, ribbon, lace, sealed) paper elements such as maps and handmade paper beads that I create. This year I’ve added some painted elements.

The plan this year is to be at the public market again, here in Juneau. I will be in Centennial Hall this year. I LOVE being at the JACC, but thought it would be fun to set up in the larger venue and see what happens.

Do you have a favorite?


  1. Your pins are beautiful Beth. Good luck at the Market, your pins are going to be a big hit! Have fun.

  2. I love them all and they look wonderful as a group but I think my favorite is the light bulb with eyes! The Market sounds fun, I want to come to Juneau and see my brother...