Saturday, September 29, 2012

BJP for May


image 2012-9-29 0003

Another journal cover with a looser interpretation in bead embroidery.  This is on silk so the colors are fun and vibrant.  The back cover picks up the  gray:

image 2012-9-29 0005

There are no beads on the back cover.  I could end up changing my mind on that,

will have to see.  The unstructured style is a nice counterpoint to the pins I am working on, which are small and precise.

Today I worked on collages and pages for this journal.  I had found some fun  flash cards on one of my junk jaunts that  thought would be great backdrops for some simple collages.  I love making the journals but agonize over what I want to say and to project but today I let all that go.  Once I got started I decided to just plug in to that higher creative power and just keep making  more and pleasing myself.  

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  1. Very nice Beth! I love how you're combining embroidery and beading.